Organic Juices

Unfortunately, juicing sometimes carries a stigma as a harsh, difficult way to get healthy. Many experts claim it needs to involve extreme lifestyle changes, that it must be dont for weeks or month in order to benefit, that it's hard on your body, or that it's extremely costly. These are not necessarily true statements.

Benefits of Juice

Incorporating raw, organic juices into your life is one of the very best investments you can make for yourself! Our Earth Shake organic juices are full of living enzymes, aiding in the digestive process. Your body absorbs up to 99 percent of the juices’ nutritional value… 10 ounces of raw carrot juice is equivalent to eating one pound of raw organic carrots!

Organic Juice Menu

Detoxifier: celery, cucumber, kale, apple, lemon
Eliminator: pineapple, carrot, coconut water
Mood Boost: carrot, apple, beet, spinach
Liver Chaser: beet, carrot, cucumber
Green Machine (energy): apple, spinach, cucumber
Cleansing Cocktail: carrot, apple, beet, ginger
Kidney Stamina: carrot, beet, celery
Turmeric Tonic: beet, apple, orange, carrot, turmeric
The Ginger: apple, carrot, ginger
Stabilizer: carrot, beet, lemon, apple




Gotta love that Kreamy Kale and Veggies Sandwich. Quickly becoming one of my faves. Pair it with one of the amazing juices and you got it made !.”

David M.

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